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Anji, China

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Anji County, China

Project Type

Urban Extension


Anji County Planning Department, China


Eco Village
Mixed use
Energy reduction


Design Completed

(Studio LK whilst with the Prince’s Foundation) In June 2010, Anji Planning & Construction Administration instructed the team to lead an Enquiry by Design workshop, in which the Administration’s existing masterplan for the village of Anji was reviewed and revised, in collaboration with the community.

Over recent years, Anji had suffered from insensitive building extensions to traditional buildings, as well as insensitive newbuild developments.

The Administration was keen to have a masterplan and related planning policies in place, which would guide new growth in a manner that enhanced the exisitng local architure and urbanism, whilst meeting local residents’ aspirations of modern living.

The proposed masterplan was based on sustainable design principles and walkable neighbourhoods, and the proposed architectural house types took precedent from the local architectural character found in Dazhuyan, whilst proposing construction that helped to reduce energy consumption.

Studio LK - Anji, China Studio LK - Anji, China
Studio LK - Anji, China
Studio LK - Anji, China