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Hei He, China

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Hei He, China

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New Eco Town
Mixed use walkable neighbourhoods
Mixed use settlement



The city of Hei He is set within a landscape that commands panoramic views. It is an area that has outstanding air quality and boasts many ecological sites of significance.

Hei He is unique as it has evolved from a fusion of Chinese and Russian trade and culture, which has influenced its urbanism and architecture.

The government produced a strategic plan for Hei He’s sustainable future growth. The brief was to produce a masterplan for the client’s 30 sq km site, 16km from Hei He, and approximately 660 km from Harbin.

The proposed Hei He masterplan is for an ‘eco’ mixed use settlement which follows the government’s strategic plan aspirations. Key masterplan themes include ‘Commercial’, ‘Education’ and ‘Conference’, with the intention of branding the town as a conference city (with parallels being made to DAVOS).

The proposed masterplan was designed to be pedestrian oriented, formed from a series of urban villages and a network and hierarchy of public open spaces and centres.

The masterplan was produced with stakeholder through an Enquiry by Design process.

Studio LK - Hei He, China
Studio LK - Hei He, China
Studio LK - Hei He, China