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John Smeaton Academy, Leeds

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Leeds, England

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Leeds City Council
Millar Construction


Learning Environments
Interior Design for Visually Impaired
Flexible Space Planning
Community Uses



The Studio LK team, whilst with Seymour Harris Keppie, undertook the scope of work that included designing, planning, acquiring building permits, preparing tender, site supervision and interior design.

The academy sits nestled behind a green frontage onto Smeaton Approach. The building is formed from a main semi-circular form, from which three blocks proceed out towards the playing fields.

Courtyard spaces between these blocks are used for outdoor teaching and play. Flexible space is a key theme running through the layout. The main hall opens up into the drama studio to create a larger space.

The design intent is to create a building that reaches out in a friendly and nurturing manner to students as well as members of the local community. The main entrance is elongated, and emphasised by a large angular blue element, to reflect this intent and direct users of the building through the main entrance and into a communal reception area.

Studio LK - John Smeaton Academy, Leeds
Studio LK - John Smeaton Academy, Leeds
Studio LK - John Smeaton Academy, Leeds