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Lambeth, London

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Lambeth, London

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Housing Association


Estate Regeneration
High density design


Pre appplication

The site currently accommodates purpose built post war blocks of flats comprising 135 flats, and ‘leftover’ ambiguous spaces between the buildings.

The development proposal is for the regeneration of the entire site. The existing buildings are proposed for demolition to be replaced with a higher density mixed tenure building of 365 flats, and amenity spaces located on the ground floor in the back of the block, and on the flat roof areas.

Following pre-application meetings, the Council is supporting our proposal as an ‘exemplar’ (as defined in the London Plan), which enables the client to achieve higher than normal densities, and in turn higher financial returns. The local community benefits from more people who can support local facilities.

Studio LK - Lambeth, London
Studio LK - Lambeth, London
Studio LK - Lambeth, London