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Malmesbury, West Sussex, England

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Neighbourhood Plan


Malmesbury Town Council


Design gudiance



The preliminary vision, developed with the community of Malmesbury through an Enquiry by Design process, is for the future growth and evolution of Malmesbury that responds to the present challenges facing the town whilst mapping its future that would be holistic in nature and considers not just housing, but all assets and aspects that form community capital and in turn sustainability, such as landscape, retailing, the public realm and not least community.

The vision responds to the key issues highlighted throughout the process and considers how Malmesbury could be improved, for both residents and visitors alike, through development and initiatives that are tailored to, and inspired by, the town’s unique genius loci (“spirit of the place”), responding appropriately to its setting and history, as well as supporting the strongly evident sense of community.

In response to the issues and opportunities and informed by the best and most cherished qualities of Malmesbury a range of proposals were drawn up. These are intended as guides to future development in the town.

These proposals, depicted in the overall ‘masterplan’ for the town include:

  • A proposed new neighbourhood extension which could accommodate a significant portion, if not all, of the identified growth of the town over the neighbourhood plan period
  • A ‘preferred’ location for a new food store or supermarket on land at the Old Station Yard
  • A series of linked public realm projects to create or transform under utilised spaces, i.e. the Horsefair, the Triangle, the Market Cross, the Cross Hayes Square, St John’s Bridge, into Malmesbury’s ‘string of pearls’
Studio LK - Malmesbury Neighbourhood Plan
Studio LK - Malmesbury Neighbourhood Plan
Studio LK - Malmesbury Neighbourhood Plan